Instrument modification for nuclear labs

Before founding NewTec Scientific in 2012, the managers of NewTec completed several nuclear modification projects for other companies. (SEM, XRD, ICP, Scales…).

NewTec has successfully completed two nuclear modifications of note:

Nuclear modification of a coater used to prepare SEM and TEM samples

Coater after

After modification.

Coater before


Nuclear modification of a SEM equipped with a FIB, EDS and TOF-SIMS for ERDF Chinon

SEM before

Presented in lab configuration without electronics, FIB and TOF-SIMS.

SEM before

Original SEM before modification.

Moved electronics

All electronics moved 10 meters away in a rack cabinet.

SEM protection system

The protection system.

Transfer system

The sample transfer system.

Modified Desk

Slightly modified desk.