Welding Control

Newtec is leader in the field of production quality control with its macrographic welding control bench IRIS. Knowledge of the industry, the reliability and the originality of its design allowed Iris to become the leading solution in welding control in production field. Because of its huge success we have translated IRIS in several languages. Click here to see who is already using IRIS.

The IRIS system is available in two versions: Fixed bench or mobile suitcase. The optical hardware used, without any moving parts or need for focusing, makes the system robust and very quick to use. The measures are reliable and reproductible, often one calibration per year is enough. The measures are linked to a COFRAC reference ruler and verified according to the client’s Quality Assurance protocol.

The current software (in several languages French, English, German, Russian…) is flexible enough to be used from small to large production runs. It will pass all the required certifications and can manage any shape of sheet metal.

Our statistics module analyses the recorded data, enabling a synthetic view of the production process.