Video adapters

Our solution can make use of any video adapter. Here are a few examples:

Universal Optical Coupler x0.5 x0.7 x1
Coupleur Optique Universel

This C-mount, high resolution optical coupler enables a high fidelity video output. The parafocal adjustment spacer guarantee that focusing will be the same between your ocular and the camera. To avoid changing the original magnification the coupler exist in x0.55 x0.7 x1.0. The coupler is chosen depending on the size of the CCD camera.

Video adapter for Olympus microscopes
Adaptateur vidéo pour microscope Olympus

Video adapter for old and new revisions of OLYMPUS microscopes. The adapter takes care of the physical adaptation between the microscope or magnifier and the video coupler.

Video adapter for Leica Microscopes
Adaptateur vidéo pour microscope Leica

Adapter for LEICA microscope with 37mm output photo port. Perfectly suited for DMR, DMLS, DMLB, DMIRB series.

Video adapter for Leitz, Nikon or Wild microscopes
Adaptateur vidéo pour microscope Leitz, Nikon, Wild

Video adapter for a Leitz microscope with 38mm output photo port.