USB Video Cameras

The latest in the imaging field, these small dimensions professional cameras make the set up of an imaging solution easy. They exist in CMOS or CCD version, your work environment will determine which version to use. Generally the sensor is SONY branded. We can adapt our software to any camera.

USB2 CMOS 5 Megapixel digital camera
Caméra USB2 CMOS

In general CMOS sensors are cheaper and better to use with high lighting. They can work with very bright objects in the picture.


CMOS 1/2 1280x1024 @ 20 Images/s
CMOS 1/2 1600x1200 @ 16 Images/s
CMOS 1/2 2048x1536 @ 8 Images/s
CMOS 1/2 2560x1920 @ 6 Images/s
USB3 1-10 Megapixels digital camera
Caméra USB3

USB3 cameras can use a lot more bandwidth, enabling even higher resolutions.