Iris: Welding control

The software of the system IRIS is constituted by several modules, which allow, the choice by administrators, to make a set of the predefined tasks. The operators have only access to the measures and to the check of calibration. It is possible to define specifications or run the results somewhere else that on the production site. IRIS exists in several languages.

Criteria Module

This module accessible by administrators allows the creation of Criteria files. These files contain the description of dimensions and tolerances of all the cords of weld of the part to be assembled and the description of production line equipments. They are then used by the operators during the measurement operations and exploitation of results.

Measures Module

This module can be used both by the administrators and by the operators, it manages the acquisitions of images, imposes tools adapted to the measurement of the various criteria and calculates automatically the results according to the criteria imposed by the administrator. The welds can be straight, circular welds with one or several points of baiting, or by points.

Stats Module

An Excel module allows to exploit data from the application IRIS:

  • Edition of files Criteria and Measures in the form of a spreadsheet.
  • Search for out of specifications cords.
  • Watch changes over time for all criterias of a cord.
  • Tool survey.
  • Supervision Plan.