Axone : The Best Laboratory Imaging Tool


AXONE answer all basic needs:

  • Acquisitions on electronic and optic microscopes.
  • Measurements : lengths, angles, diameters, surfaces...
  • Processing : Contrast, brightness, histogram correction…
  • Shape : Several editions defined by the user.
  • Management : Key words, Imaging facilitated, Calibrations...

AXONE is also :

  • An integrated module to analyse images.
  • Video recording with or without compression.
  • Multi focus to avoid optical problems : Depth of Field.

Granulometry Module

Axone Granulométrie

This optional module allows to collect quickly on your images a large number of information: report of phase, number of objects. With for every object, the surface, the perimeter, the shape factor... You will also find in this module, a tool of filtering morphometry, the generation of histograms distribution, the usual functions of mathematical morphology and operations between images.

News functions of Axone

Acquisition without leaving the display mode.

In the acquisition window, a button allows to fix in the background the scene without leaving the observation mode.

Fast saving of the images in memory

Saving in the reserved directory, with the root of your choice, the images opened in AXONE. The name will be composed with root followed by the number of the image. During this saving, the images will be or not closed in the application.


This function is accessible from the album of images, reconstructed from a collection and after corrections, an image in which the best zones of development are going to appear.

Axone Multifocus

Sequenced recording

Acquisition of images in intervals defined between 1s at several hours or days.

For faster scenes, AXONE records losslessly movies in the format AVI or MPG