Tensile Stage for Automated In-situ SEM/OM Mechanical & Thermal Testing

Partnership with LSPM lab. CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) Villetaneuse France

Schematic View

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Key Features

  • Traction up to 10kN. (4400 lbs)
  • Single or dual heating, up to 800°C. (1400°F)
  • Quick heating and cooling. (1°C/s temperature gradient).
  • Designed for flat or tilted analysis (EBSD)
  • Stress free sample mounting
  • Automated stress testing and data acquisition with Newtec SoftStrain
  • Testing data can be exported as text files to be used in other software. (Like Excel)
  • Ability to capture multiple optical and SEM images along the sample for each step with drift compensation by image correlation.

Tensile Test Example

Test performed on a stainless steel sample (304L) until rupture, following 11 zones along the sample plus one optical with drift correction.

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Example of Integration

Implémentation 1 Implémentation 2 Implémentation 3
Integration inside a SEM
Simple Chauffage
Single Heating
Simple Chauffage Double Chauffage
Optional integration of MEB-Iris to capture optical images