Cathodyne with motorized stage

At the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Geneva Mrs Agathe Martignier, scientific assistant, uses the new motorized stage controlled by software or by joystick integrated in a Cathodyne chamber.

Rack Cathodyne Cathodyne chamber under microscope
Newtec Cathodyne with motorized stage

Elements of the system

  • Vacuum chamber with tray and sample holder.
  • On the tray are two motors for the movement XY of the sample.
  • Cover with X-ray protected viewing window, electron gun connection, lighting and spectrometry ports.
  • The lighting is compatible with both thin slices and solid samples.
Vacuum chamber schematic Vacuum chamber photo
The vacuum chamber
  • The specimen holder has been designed to hold any type of specimen (thin and solid slices) with a variable height support to optimize the working distance.
  • The XY motion of the stage is motorized with stepper motors that can be controlled by software or manually by a joystick.

Sample Images

Large image of a shell (25 mm x 20 mm)
Click to view.
Large image of a sample (25 mm x 10 mm)
Click to view.