Macrographic bench

Macrographic bench

A bench made to be used with an X3 zoom. Very stable it has on its axis a movable stop, vertical mounting of the support stand and a macrographic setting. In conjunction with our digital cameras this bench will give you the best comfort of observation and high resolution digital images for fields from 5mm to 25mm.


Intense white lighting on the Newtec bench pictured above. The lighting is directly powered by a PC USB port through a control box. Axone drives the control box, enabling the lighting only when acquisition is in progress.

Manual deck

Manually operated deck for macrographic bench Newtec.
Can be moved along X or Y on a distance of 80mm
Background can be changed to black or white.

Photo bench

With its 90cm stand this bench is perfectly suited for viewing objects up to A3 size. The large range of distance handled by the stand allows, with good lens and lighting, to keep a good depth of field.