Electron Microscopy

Newtec has 25 years of experience of images acquisition in the field of electron microscopy. On analog SEMs the speed of our Slow Scan PCI card allows for good observation at any scanning speed, with optimal integration and signal / noise ratio.

The card manages real time acquisition and spatial processing of the signal coming from one, or several installed detectors: secondary electrons, back-scattered electrons, absorbed… The image is acquired without the need for an external scanning generator.

All scanning speed used by the microscope manufacturer will be recognized. The transparency of this system makes it very easy to use.


  • Excellent image quality, our card processes signal noise in real time.
  • Recording of the magnifying factor by RS232 or TTL depending on the hardware.
  • Generation from AXONE of full image sheets to the printer or to a PDF file.
  • Over a hundred SEMs equipped as of today.