Newtec is among the pioneers that understood very early the advantages of digital imaging. With 25 years of experience in the field of image acquisition and processing, the trust and satisfaction of our customers with our original designs is the best showcase of our skills and dedication.

Software Development

  • Automation of SEM-TEM

Hardware Design

Design of scanning and acquisition cards for electron microscopes
Design of systems for observation (custom made or mass produced):

  • Macrography for welding control
  • Portable macrography, macrographic suitcase
  • Magnifier, High resolution electron microscope with real time visualization
  • Macrographic bench
  • Observation system for SEM-TEM

Specific Design

  • Design of instrumentation adapted to hostile environments (radiation, contamination,…)
  • Nuclearization
  • Adaptation of instrumentation to be used in a glovebox or sealed environment